Passion for Packaging

In our company you will find the right packaging for every purpose, certified of the highest quality and manufactured using the latest technologies under the strictest safety conditions. Just like our products, we deliver what we promise.

Bigbag with 4 loops

We have an extended product range to meet special requests of our customers in the production of 4-loop big bags. Our big bags protect various products from different industries from moisture, electrostatic hazards and external influences, extend shelf life, ensure safe storage and transportation without loss of quality. When designing and manufacturing our big bags, we keep both safety and the wishes and needs of our customers in mind. We offer various design options for all industries.

Standard big bag types are available for loads from 100 to 2500 kg and are manufactured according to EN ISO 21898: 2005 as 5: 1 (single use), 6: 1 (multiple use) or UN (recommendations for the transport of dangerous goods).

Depending on the properties of the filling product, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PA, aluminum, EVOH barrier layers can be used.

Depending on the customer’s requirements and conditions, the big bags can also be manufactured under clean room conditions.


Cross corner loops

Sicleseam loops

2-channel suspension

Hood suspension

Additional handles

Double Stevedore belt

Single Stevedore belt

Filling & Closing

Open top with seam

Top flap with tie

Top skirt

Open top with top rosette

Open top with drawstring

Filling Spout


Discharge spout

Discharge spout with iris protection

Discharge spout with rosette

Discharge spout with sewn-on cover

Discharge spout with protective cover

Total bottom emptying

Single Stevedore belt