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TechnoPac`s Product Quality

Quality is TechnoPac`s highest priority. Our production partner has a complete in-house quality control laboratory for testing purposes including a test rig for FIBCs.

The Quality control process consists of three major steps:

  • material inspection and testing
  • process inspection and testing
  • final quality control

During the material inspection, yarn is tested for width and strength. Once yarn is woven, fabric is tested once again for width, fabric weight, weaving density as well as the strength of the warp and weft. Samples taken out of fabric are also tested for UV resistance. This meticulous process inspection also applies to the final quality control where the bags are measured and visually checked to ensure the customer's specifications. Finally, a strength test is applied using bursting test equipment.

Test parameters:

  • elongation test
  • breaking test
  • UV resistance test
  • coating performance test
  • sifting test
  • cyclic top lift and load to failure tests
  • tear test
  • topple test
  • drop test
  • stacking test
  • fabric test
  • friction test

All these tests are applied for the ultimate quality of the final product.

In the unlikely event of a production flaw our production partners are able to track back through the production process, all the way to the raw material or to identify the problem. Using the traceability of quality assurance system all non-conforming products are marked in the plant using special means. Any non-conformities are immediately corrected and necessary measures are implemented to correct the problem.
The result of this stringent quality assurance program is the product that customers of TechnoPac have come to trust and depend on.

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